The Spiritual Journey: Chakras: Mystical Experiences: Outerbody Experience

MOOLADHARA- Pastlives, lust, fatigue[Earth]

SWADHISTANA- Lust, Craving, [Water]

MANIPURA- Digestion, healing of diseases [Fire]

ANAHATA- Divine Love and Compassion/Awakening of higher self/Divine Connection[Air]

VISHUDDHI- Throat Chakra, Mysticism [Ether]
AGNEYA- Realization, Awareness, Witnessing, Freedom from Suffering [Third eye]

SAHASRARA- Oneness or Enlightenment [Crown of Head]

Most people become carried away with the mystically experiences in their journey. In this way, you could say it is equivalent to reading a book only for the pretty pictures.
It is beautiful to have mystical experiences and experience the beauty of the energy centers in our body, however being hung up on any experience or craving/desire may actually impede the awakening of the very thing you sincerely desire.

For a being to grow spiritually there relationships and heart must heal. This is the basic foundation of their growth. I see and meet many people who focus on chakra cleansing and this and that when all these these naturally occur after the persons relationships heal!
As one's relationships heal, naturally the heart heals and flowers. Hence, the heart chakra naturally awakens! In addition, if one's relationships are not in order, any efforts to grow with spiritual practice will always result in the slump of being shown the reality that there life is not yet in order. People have had great experiences and temporary states that have vanished into thin air because the foundation of their inner peace has not yet been set.

Finally, for those of you who are receiving the Oneness Blessing, rest assured that it naturally surfaces these very relationship problems and heals them- so relax. = )

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